Members listed in blue have registered, but no deposit has been received.
Members listed in red have paid at least a $30 bus deposit.
Members listed in black have paid their bus fee in full.
Members listed in green are carrying a positive balance.
Members listed in white have paid the entire season with NO RENTAL.
Members listed in purple have paid the entire season WITH A SKI/BOARD RENTAL.
This information is current as of the date listed at the bottom of the screen.
If you have any questions, contact one of our chaperones here:
Registered Members:
  • Emily Agneta
  • Ella Ayer
  • Evan Bencivenga
  • Tristan Bennett
  • Michael Chien
  • Joseph Consalvo
  • Aladin Crnolic
  • Ailani Deltwas
  • Kiley Deltwas
  • Andrew(AJ) DeRoche
  • Alexandria Dowling
  • Robert Fairhurst
  • Johnathan Fernald
  • Peyton Flanagan
  • William Foley
  • Hailey Gonthier
  • Alexander Hammond
  • Ella Hill
  • Jack Jones
  • Kai Lafleur
  • Kaylyn Moulton
  • Sean O'Hearn
  • Ava Paul
  • Hayden Quaratiello
  • Molly Richardson
  • Nils Richardson
  • Gavin Sandoval
  • Jude Seager
  • Brooke Stasio
  • Juliana Troisi
  • Brody Wentzell
Ski Club Members:
    31 Students
Space left on bus:
    21 empty seats
Waiting List:
  • None