2018-2019 Snowriders Pricing:

Bus Fee: $150
This fee can be paid in installments.
It includes a NON-REFUNDABLE minimum deposit of $25 to hold your seat.
The remaining $125 must be fully paid by the Wednesday after Thanksgiving.

Choose one of the following options to complete payment:

Option 1 - Pay "Up Front"
Pay the bus fee and all the skiing/boarding at once.
The advantage here is that you never have to worry about bringing in money each week.
Money left at the end of the season can be rolled into the next season or refunded.
Pay the whole program at once (bus, six weeks lift, no rental): $340
Pay the whole program at once (bus, six weeks lift with ski/snowboard rental): $460
Helmet rental: $10 (each week)

Option 2- Pay Weekly
Pay the bus fee, and then...
you pay for skiing each week, in a "pay as you ski" manner through the winter.
The advantage here is it spreads your payment out a bit.
Week-by-week prices are:
All-ages lift ticket only: $32
All-ages lift ticket with ski/snowboard rental: $52
Helmet rental: $10

Please make checks payable to either "Timberlane" or "TRHS"

Please have weekly checks turned in to Mr. Rugoletti, either in his room (320) - or in his mailbox - by Thursday the week you're skiing.