Members listed in blue have registered, but no deposit has been received.
Members listed in red have paid at least a $25 bus deposit.
Members listed in black have paid their bus fee in full.
Members listed in green are carrying a positive balance.
Members listed in white have paid for the entire season in full.
Members listed in purple have paid in full and have an additional balance.
This information is current as of the date listed at the bottom of the screen.
If you have any questions, contact one of our chaperones here:
Registered Members:
  • Frank Ahearn
  • Rosalie Averill
  • Hayden Bean
  • Samantha Blais
  • Regan Blomquist
  • Nicholas Canzano
  • Gadiel Diaz
  • Lukas Doucette
  • Joshua Flieder
  • Eric George
  • Ryan Heffernan
  • Olivia Heim
  • Abigail Henderson
  • Liam Hill
  • Grace Hurni
  • Jory Jackman
  • Eric Jarvis
  • John Kayyal
  • Matt Keane
  • LIam Kennedy
  • Joseph Lafond
  • Hunter Larrabee
  • Cole Livingston
  • Robert (Robbie) McAbee
  • Adam McClellan
  • Cailin McNeil
  • Pasquale Messina
  • Paul Munsell
  • Ryan Murray
  • Kyle Perrault
  • Audrey Perreault
  • Andrew Randall
  • Kyle Salvador
  • Lauren Savina
  • Lindsay Savina
  • Ben Seager
  • Grant Sherwood
  • Justin Silva
  • Juliana Slipp
  • Brady Sola
  • Noah Ternullo
  • Catherine Troy
  • Nathan Vibber
  • Geramy Welton
  • Colin Young
Space left on bus:
    7 empty seats
Waiting List:
  • None