Q: Where do I drop skis off on Fridays?
A: Skis are to be dropped off at door 5 (room 320 - Mr. Rugoletti's room)
BEFORE school Friday.
Please contact Mr. Rugoletti if this is a problem so alternate arrangements can be made.
If skis are brought in later on Friday, please leave them with the front office and they will contact Mr. Rugoletti or one of the chaperones to bring them to room 320.

Q: Do I need a check every week?
A: If you paid the entire program - no.   If you paid only the bus deposit, you'll need to send a check in every skiing week (by Thursday) to cover the cost of the bus. Prices

Q: Can I pay in cash?
A: Yes, of course, the deposit and bus fee may be paid in cash.   If you choose to pay weekly skiing costs in cash, we ask that you, the parents, please include a short permission note with the money.   If paying by check, your signature on the check is indication that you are granting permission for the trip. You can check here for information about our prices.

Q: How can I reach you in an emergency?
A: Go to our emergency page.
     You can also print out the information with our Emergency Contact Printout

Q: Who's in the group? Am I registered?
A: You can check to see if you or your friends are registered on our Members page.

Q: Where do we go skiing/riding?
A: We ski at Pat's Peak ski area in Henniker, NH.

Q: Where do we go and what do we do on Friday afternoon?
A: The ski storage closet will be opened around 2:30 by a chaperone.
Students will gather in the cafeteria to be checked onto the bus.
The bus will begin loading around 2:45, and we hope to leave by 3:00.

Q: What do I need to bring on Friday nights?
A: You should bring everything you need to ski and be comfortable.
Your schoolbooks/backpacks MAY be left in room 320.
We will have access to the room when we return.
You WILL NOT have access to your school locker

Q: When do we get back on Friday nights - when should our parents pick us up?
I've heard its late...

A: We return to the cafeteria door between 11:15 and at 11:30 p.m.   Parents - please make every effort to be on time as the chaperones can't go home until the last student is safely away.

Q: Do we ski alone?
A: Once you get your lift ticket, you are on your own until its time to board the bus for home.   HOWEVER, we want you to ski with a buddy at all times, and remember - school and ski patrol rules apply!   Students can reach chaperones via radio through ski patrol at any time.

Q: What do we do with valuable stuff like iPods?
A: Only bring what you need into the lodge.   Leave everything else on the bus.   The bus is locked and secure.

Q: What should I wear?
A: HELMETS ARE MANDATORY.   Beyond that, wear whatever keeps you comfortable in the cold.

Q: Should I bring money?
A: That is up to you.   If you wish to buy food, prices are standard for ski areas - that is to say, a bit expensive.   I'd expect to pay $10 for a burger, fries, and drink.   You can also bring in food, and many of us do.   That said, be it known that few things are as special as a Pats Peak Cookie!

Q: What's a great ski song?
A: The Chad Mitchell Trio recorded this little gem called "Super Skier." years ago!